Mohamd Dorra

SoftwareDeveloper implements SoftwareEngineer{}

You can reach me through the available connections:

import java.util.Date;
import java.util.Calendar;
import java.util.Set;
import java.util.Map;
import com.google.common.collect.ImmutableMap;

SoftwareDeveloper<? extends Java> extends HumanBeing<Syrian> implements SoftwareEngineer {

  public static final Date birthdate = Calendar.getInstance().set(1985, Calendar.NOVEMBER, 15).getTime();

  public String address() { return "Istanbul, Turkey";}

  public class ContactInfo {
	    public String email()  {return "mhd.durrah@gmail.com";}
	    public String mobile() {return "+90 535 783 76 63";}

  public String summary() {
    return """
			A Software Engineer with 9+ years of industry experience with Java, Web, and enterprise
		development, Resourceful in managing all aspects of the requirement analysis,
		suggesting technology-based solutions, design, development, testing, deployment and
		implementation of business solutions. 

  public static final Map<String, String> = 
  						"Linkedin" , "https://www.linkedin.com/in/mhddurrah",
  						"Github", "https://www.github.com/mhddurrah", 
  						"Medium", "https://medium.com/@mhd.durrah",
  						"Website", "http://mhddurrah.github.io/"

  public Set<String> skills() {
  	var skills= new HashSet<>();
   	skills.addAll(Arrays.asList("Software Architecture", "Java SE", "Spring", "Spring Boot");
   	skills.addAll(Arrays.asList("JPA", "Hibernate", "EJB", "JSF", "Primefaces");
   	skills.addAll(Arrays.asList("REST API", "OSGi", "Git");
	skills.addAll(Arrays.asList("Team Work", "Work Ethic");
	skills.addAll(Arrays.asList("MongoDB", "MySQL", "Oracle", "Postgres");

	skills.addAll(Arrays.asList("Kafka", "Hadoop", "Spark", "Vertx", "Kotlin");
    return skills;

  public Set<Experience> experiences() {
  	return Strean.of(
			Position.at("Amadeus IT Group")
				   	.title("Software Development Engineer")
				   	.location("Istanbul, Turkey")
					.from("May 2017").to(new Date().toString())
						"Key stakeholder in evolving multiple modules of Loyalty Community Project (LOY);" +" Membership management, Data Exportation, Billing and Accounting.",
						"Stabilizing and optimizing batch processing jobs.",
						"Training Software Principles and Design Patterns."
			Position.at("Kancy Smart Home")
					.title("Software Development Engineer")
					.location("Istanbul, Turkey")
				    .from("Nov 2014").to("May 2017")
						"Leading the Analysis, Design and Development of Kancy Smart homes SaaS platform "
						+ "with Spring Framework, Eclipse Runtime, ActiveMQ,Cassandra and Hibernate on AWS.",
						"Integration of Apache ActiveMQ with the custom OSGi runtime to achieve real-time "
						+ "communication and monitoring.",
						"Development of Android client application including MQTT communications, UI "
						+ "customization and database abstraction."
			Position.at("Kancy Smart Home")
					.title("Software Development Engineer")
					.location("Istanbul, Turkey")
				    .from("Nov 2014").to("May 2017")
						"Contribution in System Analysis and Development of business process"
						+ "streamliner with EJB, web services and Hibernate in backend, JSF and"
						+ "Primefaces components for frontend. "

  public Education education() {
    return Education.of("Bachelor of Computer Science")
      .at("Faculty of IT").university("Damascus University").from(2004).to(2010);

  public Map<String, Profecency> languages = {
    return ImmutableMap.of(
      "Arabic" , Language.NATIVE,
      "Turkish" , Language.ELEMENTARY

  public Set references() {
    return new HashSet<>(){
		 	new Reference.Builder()
		 	.name("Mr. Tammam Fadel")
			.position("Invest4all project manager")
			.mobile("+1 514 967 7104")

  public boolen openToOpportunities() {
    return true;